Germany - Individual Trip Planning Service - Special Interest


With our Trip Planning Service we layout and organize the tour details together with you, but you travel independently. It is your very personal unique trip, but you can take advantage of insider's tips and enjoy the comfort of advance reservations. We focus on tours in Germany, Switzerland, Austria but we also do Czech Republic, Netherlands...

We make trip suggestions and/or complete tour layouts including hotel reservations, car rental, train tickets and/or flights. Making individual tour suggestions include historic sights, cultural highlights, arts and galleries, hidden places and insider's tips, local events & town festivals, concerts, musicals, museums, local city guide contacts, restaurants, vineyards, brewpubs, beer gardens, parks, gardens, outdoor/indoor activities, wellness, shopping and so on in Germany - all according to your imagination and expectation.

According to your needs and wishes we offer several service levels: From a tour plan overview to very detailed tour plans (including bookings) to a phone support service 24/7.

If you want to take the members of your network or organization on a special trip - You will be the HOST / LEADER of the special interest group inviting other members - We stay in the back and make sure the tour is going to be a great success and everyone - including YOU - is going to have a perfect time! We take care of tour price calculations, bookings, registration, invoicing and we offer an experienced guide if needed!


"All I had to do was tell them where I wanted to go and they took care of all the rest! The service and communication were excellent and the fee was very reasonable! Terry B, FL

The service TGAC provided was perfect. We easily enjoyed our three week trip in Germany and Austria. We could not have done this without her knowledge and experience." Diana E., OR

"Best Bier Trip Ever! Thank you." Jeff D., NY



For detailed information, tour itinerary and reservations please contact:
The German American Connection - TGAC:
Ute Boese & Jo Ann Wolf
Phone: (1) 281-630-6764 (Jo Ann Wolf)