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Cultural Beer Tours in Germany - Customized Tours

Brewing beer has a long history in Germany: Starting at homes as an every day food item like bread, in the 11th century monks began cultivating monastery breweries. There was a "German Brewery Boom" in the 13th century in Northern Germany when much beer was shipped out of the Baltic Sea and North Sea harbors. Sine 1516, the "German Purity Law" dictates the four only beer ingredients: barley (and wheat), hops, water and yeast.

TGAC offers special customized Cultural Beer Tours to Germany for those who love to taste and drink German beer - and to watch the making at local breweries... We travel in small exclusive groups of 4 - 14 people. You get a group together of people you always wanted to take on a individual fun beer tour - We lay-out and guide a special tour just for you and your friends / family. You determine the travel date, destinations, budget...

Especially for home brewers we can arrange German Beer Tours including hands-on brewing seminars in real-life traditional German breweries where you can learn from professional brewmasters and share your knowledge and experience...


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