Burlington Travels

The Story of Burlington -  

Burlington is a bear who was first discovered living on a shelf in a gift shop behind a convenience store in Plainfield, Vermont, near the campus of Goddard College. His only friend and shelf mate was a moose that, while a nice fellow, somehow seemed out of place. They were good friends, but Burlington longed to get out of the store and Vermont too for that matter, and see the world. The person who adopted Burlington thought long and hard about which one of them to take because they both held appeal, but Burlington was the cutest, so he won. He has been grateful ever since, and has always been a very nice bear.

    Later on, it was discovered that Burlington was an excellent world traveler. He doesn't get sick on long airplane flights and also deals well with both car and train rides. He is quite the gentleman around the ladies, always very polite and cordial. Everyone who has met Burlington adores him. If your heart strings are not tied securely, steer clear of this bear.

    Burlington's list of travels is quite impressive. He was in China and Italy in 2003, back to China and Thailand in 2004, jet setted up to Cape Cod for Easter in 2005, and showed up in Nassau, Bahamas a few months later. He likes to go to Mexico, particularly Cancun and Los Cabos, (we think he has a girlfriend down there).  When he gets a hankering for the mountains, nothing will do but Estes Park, Colorado, although he warns people to watch for wild chipmunks that live in the area.

    Of course he is a sports fan, and he can sometimes be found in St. Louis at the baseball stadium, especially if the game is between the Cardinals and the Astros. Please do not argue balls and strikes with Burlington.

    One of his favorite places to go is New Orleans. Burlington was relieved to learn that his beloved French Quarter was spared in the recent disaster and most of his favorite hotels and restaurants still await his return.

    Perhaps someday you will meet Burlington. Maybe you will have the opportunity to travel with him. He is the glue that holds happy travels and good times together.

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Cancun, Riviera Maya Mexico April 2005

Great Wall

Nassau, Bahamas November 2005

Cape Cod, Massachusetts Easter 2005

Dinner at Art Institute w/girlfriend Lilly

City Wall Xian August 2003

Chipmunk in Estes Park, Colorado September 2004

Is that the Washington Monument down there?

Beijing, China Imperial Palace

Voodoo Lounge New Orleans, LA


Cancun, Riviera Maya Mexico April 2005

Rockport, Texas New Years 2004

The Mediterranean from my window in Amalfi, Italy November 2003

St. Louis, Missouri